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At Durga Interiors, we have a variety of antique Indian mirrors just perfect for your home. Adding mirrors to your interior decor can open up a small space, reflect light and add depth to a smaller room.  Incorporate one or more of our antique, carved mirrors to bring light, dimension and exotic flavor to your interior space.

MR 005 - Kota Frame Wall Mirror ❘ 1900's dark teak frame
  • Details: Balcony window frame converted into a vanity mirror.  Beautiful simple floral carvings on each side of mihrab.  Very traditional framework from Rajasthan.  This frame belonged to a grand ‘haveli’ mansion in the little desert city of Kota in East Rajasthan.  Newer mirror.
  • Provenance: Private Collection Sale.  Kota, State of Rajasthan, Western India
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MR 008 - Blue Krishna Window Frame ❘ 1920's Dark Teak window frame
Frame Dimensions:
  • Details:This is an old window frame with one half of it converted into a mirror.  The most prominent feature of this frame is the reverse painting of Lord Krishna on glass.  There is also a reverse glass painting of  floral designs on the bottom Frame Dimensions: panel of the frame.
  • Provenance: Private Collection Sale.  Nagpur, State of Maharashtra, Central India
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