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Kesar Attar
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Her saffron paste blends so perfectly into her gold,
one only knows it's there by its fragrance...
Bihari (1595-1664) 

North Indian Saffron flowers traditionally diffused in Sandalwood Oil
Provenance:  Kashmir Valley, North India

Saffron, known as kesar in India, infused in pure sandalwood is an ancient perfume blend – one that is steeped in the heart of romance and intrigue of India.  Kesar Attar has always exemplified luxury and refinement.  Historically because of the prohibitive high cost of saffron, Kesar Attar has always been used exclusively by Indian royalty or by the very wealthy.  Even today this regal attar is made on a very limited scale and imparts an air of sophistication. The rich golden colour of Kesar Attar has been called “the very perfection of beauty.” The rich aroma is described as sweet, smoky, with deep earthy and honey-like tones.  It is complex and alluring and smells equally wonderful on the skin as it does when used in an aromatherapy lamp.

The fragrance of Kesar Attar is believed to invoke wealth, power and success and was a favourite of many Mughal and Rajput royals.  On a practical note, it is invaluable as a stress reliever and for battling melancholy and depression.  Kesar Attar soothes the nervous system and promotes a sense of satisfaction and contentedness.   Saffron is naturally an anti-allergenic and Kesar Attar can be used as a perfume to ward off hay fever.  Ayurvedic medicine suggests this attar to be applied in minute amounts to the temples as a remedy for headaches and anxiety. The sandalwood in the attar is beneficial as it cools the temples and relieves tension.

Kesar Attar's potent properties to disperse anxiety and gloom are legendary.  It promotes clarity and a quietness of the mind. It was customary for Hindu Rajput brides in ancient India to be given this expensive oil as part of their dowry because the active ingredients, saffron and sandalwood, are aphrodisiac in nature. Upon wearing the perfume, a slight stimulation of the nervous system takes place, which in turn releases the right chemicals for love. The attar would be worn the first few months of getting married by the couple not only for its erotic nature, but for its deep “bond-creating” and strengthening properties.

The power of saffron is omnipresent in all of India's religions as well: it is used liberally to bring piety and power to many spiritual practices.  Kesar Attar may be used to anoint virtually all deities of the Hindu pantheon, as a mark of sincere devotion. This mark called the tilaka is ubiquitous in India and in concept, has its genesis in the very profound tantric ideology: the third eye.  Kesar  Attar is ceremoniously used in tantric rituals as well for awakening the kundalini (an unconscious, instinctive force or Shakti), which lies coiled at the base of the spine. In the ancient tradition of Ayuveda, the purifying, heart-opening aroma of Kesar Attar is also a heart tonic – bestowing serenity and a feeling of expanded awareness and compassion. It has properties to balance the nervous system.  It is a tonic and a rejuvenator to all the tissues of the body.

Kesar Attar promotes the energies of three chakra houses:  the third, fourth and the sixth.
The third chakra is known as the power chakra, located in the solar plexus. It rules our personal power, will, and autonomy, as well as our metabolism. When healthy, this chakra brings us energy, effectiveness, spontaneity, and non-dominating power.

The fourth chakra or the heart chakra is related to love and is the integrator of opposites in the psyche: mind and body, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity. A healthy fourth chakra allows us to love deeply, feel compassion, and have a deep sense of peace and centeredness.
The sixth chakra house is also known as the “third eye” chakra. It is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively. As such it opens our psychic faculties and our understanding of archetypal levels. When healthy it allows us to see clearly, in effect, letting us "see the big picture."

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