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If there is paradise on the face of this earth
It is this, it is this, it is this ...

Begum Jahanara (17th Century AD)

A compound of fresh aromatic flowers infused in sandalwood oil
Provenance:  Lucknow, Northern India

Firdaus Attar is a traditional perfume oil from India that is said to have been created by the Mughals, an imperial power that ruled a large portion of the Indian Subcontinent.  The Mughals hailed from Central Asia and arrived in India in 1526.  They invaded and ruled most of South Asia by forming alliances with Indian royalty and ended their reign in the mid 19th century.

The Mughals were well known for their sophisticated and extravagant taste for the finer things in life. During their reign over India, they cultivated beautiful gardens, built superb architecture, fostered the arts and literature and developed a rich and complex cuisine. The Mughals were passionate about flowers and were now in India, a land blessed with thousands of botanical specimens and exotic woods and an ancient and thriving perfume-making culture.  The Mughals sought and employed hundreds of perfume-makers (attarwallahs) from all over India and shared with them their own knowlege of perfumery from Central Asia.  This foreign knowledge combined with traditional Indian methods  created some of the most alluring and intoxicating attars or perfume oils that India had yet to have experienced.

Firdaus Attar was one such creation that took years to develop and perfect.  According to legend, the royal attarwallahs came up with many different variations – with disappointing results.  However, after years of experimentation, a blend was created that surpassed all others.  It contained wild roses, night bloom jasmine, gardenia, botanical musk, honeysuckle, narcicuss, galbanum, with hints of saffron, cardemom and amber resin. Princess Jahanara is said to have adored the attar and claimed that this surely must be the essence of paradise, hence the name “Firdaus,” the Persian word for paradise.

The fragrance of Firdaus Attar can be described as sweet, citrus and complex.  It is romantic, playful, introspective, sensuous and compelling.  It is not surprising that the Firdaus is just as popular today as the day it was first created almost 400 years ago gaining more and more popularity everyday around the world.  Discover it for yourself and be transported to the romance, mystery and allure of Old India!


Firdaus Attar is a complex blend of many powerful ingredients.  It promotes the energies of the second, fourth, fifth and seventh chakra houses.

The second chakra house, also known as the sacral chakra, is located in the abdomen, lower back, and sexual organs and is related to the element water, and to emotions and sexuality. It connects us to others through feeling, desire, sensation, and movement. Ideally this chakra brings us fluidity and grace, depth of feeling, sexual fulfilment, and the ability to accept change.

The fourth chakra is called the heart chakra and is the middle chakra in a system of seven. It is related to love and is the integrator of opposites in the psyche: mind and body, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity. A healthy fourth chakra allows us to love deeply, feel compassion, and have a deep sense of peace and centeredness.

The fifth chakra is the chakra located in the throat and is thus related to communication and creativity. Here we experience the world symbolically through vibration, such as the vibration of sound representing language and expression.

The seventh chakra is also known as the crown chakra. It relates to consciousness as pure awareness. It is our connection to the greater world beyond, to a timeless, spaceless place of all-knowing. When developed, this chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, and bliss.

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