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What is so special about these ceramic doorknobs?

I have seen small doorknobs being sold at Durga Interiors.  What are they made of and how can I incorporate them in my house?

Durga Interiors carries a large variety of beautiful hand-painted ceramic doorknobs made in New Delhi, India.  These small doorknobs come in various designs (plain, floral, geometrical, and even plaid!).  Besides round shapes, these knobs can also come in other shapes.  We have found through experience that by adding on small details, such as these doorknobs, to your existing pieces can really change their entire look.  Plainer, sometimes boring, cabinets, for example, can be spruced up and made more interesting by adding some colour and depth to them through these little handmade items.  Though delicate and fragile, these ceramic knobs lend an aesthetic appeal to any piece they are added to.  These doorknobs also look great on kitchen and bathroom cabinets!  The long brass fittings at the back of these knobs are quite long.  This is primarily because doors vary in thickness.  However, they can be easily cut (once they are sized to the door they are being added to) with strong wire cutters.


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