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Decorating with Lintels

How can I decorate my living space with an Indian lintel?

We here at Durga Interiors have sourced a number of exquisite antique lintels from all parts of India to be used as decorative items for any space decor.  We suggest hanging these lintels over windows or doors as accent pieces.  Broader and thicker lintels can also be used a shelves!

Indians consider doorways and thresholds as auspicious and a lot of thought goes into decorating doors and doorways to invite good luck into the household.  Most antique Indian lintels, therefore, had a symbol or deity carved in its center-point to welcome good fortune.  Popular symbols are the “Cup of Life” (similar to a cornucopia), sun brands and  “Tree of Life.”  The most prevalent deity on door lintels is Lord Ganesha, the Elephant Headed God, Remover of Obstacles and God of Good Fortune.  Other less common deities found on door lintels are Surya, the sun god, and Laxmi, Goddess of Good Fortune.

If a lintel contains any symbol other than the sun brand or a deity in its center- point, one can only display the lintel horizontally.  However, if a lintel does not contain a symbol or deity, one can also display the lintel vertically on any wall as a decorative art piece.  A lot of antique decorative lintels from India were constructed out of high quality wood, such as teak or rosewood.  We believe that because of the unique artistic expression, their impressive age, quality of wood and the symbolism attached, that Indian lintels make fantastic art pieces.


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