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Mango wood quality?

Is Mango wood a good quality wood and what is so special about it?

Mango wood is a hard and dense wood and is excellent for making furniture, provided it is properly seasoned in salt water and kiln dried.  It is greenish-brown or yellowish in colour, coarse-textured, medium-strong, hard, durable in water, easy to work with and finishes well.  Seasoned and kiln dried mango wood is able to retain its diverse hues and shades, allowing each piece of furniture to exhibit colour variations unlike any other wood: from a multitude of browns, to shades of yellow. Furthermore, cutting the wood in various directions reveal different grain textures which resemble that of mahogany, oak, teak and other type of trees. Furthermore, because mango trees are almost always replanted when cut down,  mango wood makes for a very responsible choice of wood.


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