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Durga Interiors' essential oils are brought in directly from all regions of India, but predominantly from the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and the northern states of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.  We offer a carefully selected variety of plant and natural resin based essential aromatic oils that are free of alcohol, glycerine, synthetic chemicals or any fillers.  We strive to offer the purest, most natural fragrances that are closest to the flower or resin the oil was extracted from in its original form.

Traditional Indian essential oils or Attars usually require carrier oil as a base.  We prefer attars that have 3rd or 5th extraction of pure sandalwood oil as a base.  Sandalwood is commonly used in traditional Indian aromatic oils to add the 'oiliness' and stabilize a botanical or resin extract.  Without this stabilizing factor, many extracts are extremely delicate and volitile and evaporate too easily.  We also carry Attars that use India Earth Oil as a base.

We are very particular when it comes to the manufacturing and handling of the essential oils that we carry.  All our oils are made by long-standing families of Indian perfume artisans (attarwallahs) that have been making aromatics for generations using age old techniques and tradtional ayurvedic methods.  Only the freshest, purest and locally available ingrediants have been used to prepare these exquisite oils and the result is evident when compared to other oils present in the world market.  We are happy to say that none of our oils have been created in a factory and are all carefully prepared under the strictest guidelines and even packaged by hand in small batches.  We only carry essential oils that have been produced using ethical and environmentally sound methods.

Despite the loving care and due diligence, we urge everyone to use their best judgement and caution when applying these oils to your bodies for the first time for allergy purposes (inhalation and/or application).  We do not recommend ingestion of any oils or attars in any quantity.  In general we do not recommend oils or attars to be used by pregnant women and young children or people with extreme sensitivity.  Please consult a healthcare practitioner or a certified aromatherapist before use.  All oils must be used in extremely small amounts on the skin to achieve the fullest effect. Certain oils should be diluted in carrier oils before applying to the skin (avoid mucous membranes) in order to tone down the intensity of the oil.  You may use popular carrier oils such as pure almond oil, jojoba, grapeseed oil and of course any pure high grade oil of your choice.  Our oils are also great for adding to aromatherapy diffusers, natural soaps and other body products and candle making.

Please visit each section under our Essential Oils category to learn more about each of these unique and exotic aromatic oils.

Please note that all our essential oils, blends and traditional Attars come in a 1 fluidram (dram) quantity bottle (unless stated otherwise).  Because of the exceptional purity and high concentration levels of all the essential oils, blends and Attars, dram units are the preferred quantity used by traditional Attarwallahs in India.  1 dram is defined as 18 of a fluid ounce or approximately 3.7 millilitres.

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