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Welcome to Durga Interiors.

A Gallery devoted to Modern and Antique Furniture, Decorative Pieces, Art and Ayurvedic Essential Oils all from India and Pakistan.

Our philosophy is to source and provide you with the most beautiful, most authentic and interesting furniture pieces and artifacts – Antique, Vintage and Contemporary – as well as procure pure and natural Ayurvedic Essential Oils from one of the most exotic and colorful regions of the world:  the Indian Subcontinent.

Durga Interiors has become the destination in Vancouver to shop for Antique and Contemporary pieces of furniture, Vintage and Antique Hindu devotional Prints, Architectural Details, Traditional Textiles, Wood and Terracotta Carvings, Rare Hindu Artifacts and Authentic Aromatherapy-Grade Essential Oils and Attars all carefully hand-selected for you from all over India.
At Durga Interiors we are all about providing you with inspiration, not only in the form of modern and traditional Indian style and designs, innovative colours, but also in the form of soulful aromas from our unique selection of Ayurvedic Essential Oils.  We carry over 30 rare and esoteric essential oils and incense from India and ship throughout the world.   All our furniture and artwork come with a brief description in terms of their age, city of origin and points of interest so you can walk away with as much knowledge as you can about the piece in your hands!

The Indian Subcontinent is a soulful and magical place ….
Visit Durga Interiors and discover a little of this magic for yourself.


Durga Updates

News Update

ARRIVED! A brand new container from India and Pakistan full of beautiful antique, vintage and modern furniture and art pieces! Old Hindu devotional prints, shrines and altars, decorative objects, traditional bedspreads, cushions and unique furniture that would add depth and character to any style and interior.

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Durga Interiors


3566 West 4th Avenue (at Dunbar)
Vancouver, BC  V6R 1N8    Canada

Phone: 604-738-6699




11:30am - 6:00 pm


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